The Family Keeps Growing

January 26, 2011

About a week and a half ago, I was sitting home nursing a surgically repaired shoulder. Julia and Payton decided to head to the mall. Not long after they left, I started getting texts from Payton. She was going on and on about some “Sugar Bears” that she had stumbled upon. I wasn’t really sure what she was talking about, so I turned to Google. I discovered that Sugar Bears were also known as Sugar Gliders. I had seen them under that name a few times. I countered that they were cool, but we were not getting any. She kept on (as teenagers tend to do) and I just fired back “mommy will say no”. To that I got a shocking response “she is right here waiting for you to say yes”! Really! Well, what do I do now? I call and am told that Julia did not say yes outright, but she did not say no. And she did think they were really cool as well.

They decided that we would just go back to the mall after Rylee got back from a birthday party. We did not tell her the reason, just that we needed to go to the mall. She found the critters as we walked through and she darted over to check them out. She listened to every word the guy said as he passed his personal pet around and let everyone see/touch it. I also stood there and took it all in. My interest was really peaked now. This thing made no attempt to escape. It did not seem to be fazed by the crowd. It was pretty impressive.

After the canned speech, Rylee asked a few questions herself. Then she calmly walked over to Julia and told her that she had Christmas money and that she would pay if she could have one. That is a resounding statement since Rylee hates to part with her money. We sent her to pet the animals again and we found another employee. We asked our own questions and decided that these had the potential to make some great pets. They are intelligent, social and entertaining. And not terribly difficult to manage once they are bonded to their new family. But, due to their social nature, a pair is recommended if there is no one to interact with them throughout the day.

So two Sugar Gliders were now on their way home with us (with one year of food and the basic housing necessities). We were briefed on the very basics and given a CD with several audio lessons on initial care and set-up. We were also added to a members list for a website filled with instructions, videos and helpful tips. So we started our Sugar Glider 101 course load.

A week and a half later, I can honestly say that I am pleased with our additions. We have put in the time and effort to get them bonded and comfortable. This has led to a few minor breakthroughs. They are not nearly as skittish when we handle them and they respond to the sound of our voices. I am not sure they are grasping their names yet, but that will come. For now I am just enjoying the baby steps…and the feel of tiny feet on my bald head!

By tmhale13

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