No Bones About It

November 11, 2010

I am absolutely not racist. Anyone that knows me would attest to this. I understand that many people from across the globe come to America (legally even) for a chance at a better life. We are a nation that was founded on immigration. But I do have a few points to make about what I experienced today.

For lunch today, I wanted some Kentucky Fried Chicken. They have a really great boneless filet. So I hop in my car and hit the drive-thru. This is a KFC that I go to fairly regularly. I order the same thing every time. That order would be a two filet meal with fries and a biscuit. Not difficult…right? Obviously it is on the same difficulty scale as…oh…say…the time-space continuum.

As I complete my order, the talking box squelches back at me “Do you want dark or white meat?” in a very thick accent. So thick that I asked him to repeat it because I could barely understand. He repeats. I cock my head a little and say “Ummmm…there is no dark meat filet. I want the two filet meal”. I get a pause, then he asks me to hold please. I do. He comes back and asks “Do you want legs or thighs?”. Now I am a little miffed! I repeat my order, very slowly and deliberately. Crickets! More crickets! I can only assume that he has been incapacitated by flesh eating zombies (sorry, I have been watching “The Walking Dead” on AMC…zombies on the brain…pun intended!). He finally squawks back and says something that sounds like “We have one filet”. The time that has elapsed is probably only a minute or two. But cars have begun queueing up behind me. It feels like this is an episode of “Punk’d”. I say “two filets” and as he repeats his one filet answer, I am already darting off.

I park and go inside. I get to the counter, with a smile, and place the exact same order to another worker. He nods, pushes his magical register buttons and asks for my $7.16. There! No problem! Not quantum physics after all. I then inform him that his drive-thru attendant is unaware that a two piece filet meal exists. Either that or he does not have a solid grasp on the concept of boneless chicken parts! He apologizes and tells me that this guy is new. I immediately reply with the fact that he should not be working the customer service side if he can not communicate with said customers. Put him on the grill or something.

I take my food and rush home to watch “Planet Terror”(more zombies…I need an intervention!). I bite into my first juicy…boneless…filet and all is again right with the world. They may have spit in my food today, but that saliva may very well be part of the colonels secret recipe! Yummmm…

By tmhale13

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