A Man Of Substance

July 6, 2011

On July 4th, my family lost a great man. Allan “Bud” Perry is my Grandfather. Not was…IS. He has passed, but he is not gone. I hope that some small part of him will live on in me. And thanks to moments like the pictures above, I know that he lives on in his great-grandchildren.

These pictures were the very first things that popped in my mind when I was told that he was gone. It was immediately followed by a flood of memories of my own times with a great man. Fishing on Dewey Lake. Learning to drive in the Volkswagon he had restored for me. Talking with him about hitchhiking across the country (him, not me).

I am sure I could fill a page with words about Bud Perry, but it is really all just leading to one thing. He will be missed.

I for one am grateful for all you did for me. I only hope you know how much you meant to me…and to my children.

We love you!

By tmhale13

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