Tsunami of Tunes

September 21, 2010

Sometimes I find myself drifting in the ocean of my music collection. Digital music allows for this much more than any other medium. I can pick any song and just click “Shuffle” and I will be on my way. No idea where I will go. Just listening as each song presents itself. But every now and then my tranquil seas are disturbed. sometimes a wave comes along. This wave is a song that has purpose. It has a destination. And it will take me away if I let it.

Today that song was “Oh My Sweet Carolina”. The original was done by Ryan Adams (w/ Emmylou Harris). But today, I was listening to the latest version by the Zac Brown Band (with Mr. Adams himself). I hit repeat (a sure sign that I am caught in the wave). As it plays for the second…and then third time, I am online searching for more versions. YouTube shows me Elton John performing the song live in Australia. Comments direct me to the original Ryan Adams “Heartbreaker” album on Amazon. It seems that Sir Elton has credited this very album with changing his life. There must be more gems. I listen to samples and am soon buying the entire thing. But the wave continues.

I read more comments while I download. There are other albums I “must” hear. I already had three Ryan Adams CDs and some random singles, but it seems I have missed so much. I venture on to “Gold”. Yes, I needed to hear this. I buy it as well. I am now not only in the wave, I am consumed by it. I only find myself in this type of obsession once every year or so. The last wave saw me scouring the music sites for all things Drive-By Truckers. Now I am overcome with a need to have everything Ryan Adams has ever touched. Crying for help only results in the lyrics of “When the Stars Go Blue” echoing in my head. So I let the warm water drag me down. There is a certain peace that comes with submission.

When all is said and done, I have four new albums. There are more, but I have gotten myself under some semblance of control. I stopped with the “essentials” today. But I added at least three more to my iTunes Wish List. That will allow me to listen to them when the riptide is not pulling me along.

By tmhale13

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