The Tao of Randy

December 18, 2008

As you head out the door on any given night, you are followed by one word. That word is used to sum up everything that is expected of you. Whether you are headed to a keg party, movie, dinner or unspeakable debauchery, this word lingers with you. So few times can one word be used in such a broad sense. This word tells you to watch your back, know your situation and be ready for anything. It says you should know your limits, know your responsibilities and ultimately know yourself. Spoken from a man that rarely looks directly at you when he speaks it, this word is a reminder. He could be watching a ball game on TV, cooking, or playing with the dogs. But, although he may not be looking at you, he knows that you hear him. So as you close the door behind you on your way to just another weekend gathering, the word slips through the crack. Tailing off only slightly as the door cuts it off, you hear it loud and clear… MAINTAIN.

By tmhale13

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