The Long And Winding Road

November 2, 2009

Last weekend we went to a place called Great Country farms in Bluemont, VA. It is just a big farm with a lot of activities beyond just hanging around in the cornstalks. Our trip was mostly to get some Halloween pumpkins right from the vine. Julia had taken her kindergardeners and thought Payton and Rylee would enjoy it. Some of the things they have are pig races, hayrides, petting zoo and some slides and swings. They also had a live band and a “roosteraunt” serving pulled pork and burgers. It was pretty tasty. They also had a general store to sell lots of odds-n-ends and food items made right on the farm. All in all it was a pretty nice day. It is certainly worth a trip if you happen to be in our neck of the woods. We also had a little extra surprise on the way home. Our GPS sent us out on a different route than the one it took us in on. It was a (barely) two lane winding country road. It snaked through some beautiful farms with horses, cows and sheep all around. It was a very scenic route that we really enjoyed. It was so nice that the girls and I decided to take a trip out today and video a few portions of the drive. We had a blast. We just fired up some rockin’ driving music and hammered down (not too fast though!). Sometimes we forget to enjoy the road before us and focus too much on the destination. Enjoy our road…

By tmhale13

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