Movin’ On Up…

November 10, 2008

For all you suckers that never come to visit me in sunny, beautiful Florida, I have only one thing to say…too late! It appears that the Air Force has decided my services are needed in Washington D.C.


Yours truly will be an instructor (me a teacher!). I will be instructing folks on the use of some fancy-shmancy computer program that I myself have never even touched. That sounds like a lot of f-u-n! Does the phrase “blind leading the blind” just scream at you?


In trying to find a silver lining to this black, black cloud, i have found a few high points. One, D.C. will be a great learning environment for the girls. There is enough history and culture to easily fill the four years we will be there. Two, we will be a quick train ride from other interesting locales. Philly and NYC are just a few hours away. That makes for some nice day-trips. Three, it is only about 6 or 7 hours from the family in KY. And four, I will be close to no less than 6 Best Buy’s and 3 Apple stores. It’s like my mecca.

By tmhale13

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