Life Is A Highway

May 18, 2008

After nearly 38 years I finally broke down and bought a motorcycle. I have ridden for years (dirt and street bikes) and guess it was time I had my own bike. The question became “Do I get a cruiser or one of the crotch rockets I have always ridden?”. The answer is in the pictures above. I decided that my almost-38-year-old-back could not handle a 20 mile daily trip to work on a bullet with wheels. This is a more comfortable ride AND it is pretty sweet lookin’. I can’t lie, that purple color certainly caught my attention. But, the rest of the bike is just as cool. Actually, the Suzuki website lists the color as “blue”. Who are they tryin’ to fool? That, my friends, is purple!

So, I got my helmet, gloves, super cool jacket and a two-day safety course (mandatory to ride on a military base) and hit the road. I have only logged about 600 miles so far. But, I have mapped out a few country roads to explore in the very near future. It is sad that it took over 8 years and a new bike to make me explore the local countryside. It all just seems worth seeing now that I can feel it fly by. Now if I can just convince Julia to ride along…

By tmhale13

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