Glory Days

February 12, 2010

My old buddy Chris Cox just emailed the above gems. He guesstimates they were taken around ’90 or ’91. Based on the amount of hair on my head, I would have to agree with that time frame. These pictures bring back a lot of great memories. Summer days spent on the lake. Great friends, some beer and a total disregard for permanent injury. We would jump on an inner-tube behind any boat that would pull us. Bart Ward’s bass boat could sling us around until our arms were on fire. Then, when we finally gave up and let go, we would bounce and tumble across the water until we slowed enough to sink. And we loved every minute of it! We even hooked two tubes up and had “battle tubes”. Slamming into one another until someone took the fall. Victory!!!!! After a few rounds of tubing, we would always end up at pickle fork. That is the location of most of the above pictures. We would climb up that slippery slope and fling our bodies off that cliff time and time again. Eventually we would get too tired to make the climb again. Time for a few more beers and some leisurely sunning. Just stretched out on a boat or tube chillin’. We would make plans for some after dark activities and start hunting down our girlfriends or suitable female companionship when we were between “loves of our lives”.

Looking back on those days of old, I don’t think I would change much at all (cellphones would have been a great advantage in the “party planning”). We had everything we needed to survive in the very small universe around us. Our parents kept us fed, our jobs (and parents again) kept us in beer money, and our friends kept us grounded. Because no matter how awesome that last tubing run or cliff dive was, they were quick to remind you of the time before when you landed flat on your face. That is what a true friend is. The one that cheers your success and, when your head begins to swell, laughs at your failures until you can’t help but laugh right along.

By tmhale13

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