CD’s. Soon To Be Replaced…By Tumbleweeds

October 15, 2010

Today I was on somewhat of a mission. I had found a song that I was obsessed with. Usually, this is not much of a problem. I hear a song, I find that song on iTunes, I buy that song, I put that song on my iPod. This system works very well…most days. But not today. The song I want is not on iTunes. It is not on Amazon MP3 either. In fact, it is not on any of the download (legal ones anyway) that I have used before. It seems that Johnny Cash’s American V: A Hundred Highways is much like the mythical Snipe. Many have heard of it, but no one ever catches one. This calls for drastic measures! I am going to have to buy an actual CD.

I had already decided I needed a trip to Best Buy. “How To Train Your Dragon” was being released on Blu-Ray today and I wanted to see it. Julia had taken the girls to see it in the theater while I was at work (you will notice I said AT work, not working…two very different things in my current situation). They all said it was great. So I had to see it. now I had two things to buy on this trip.

I find my movie very quickly in a big display just inside the door. Then I head to the back to find my CD. I know immediately that my task will not be simple. Behold the photos above. This is the entire CD section at Best Buy! Really! You have got to be kidding me! I know it has been a while since I have ventured into this section, but this seems ridiculous. Where is all the merchandise?

Now, I worked in Best Buy a mere 5-6 years ago. Back then, the shelves were well stocked. The Johnny Cash section alone probably had 30 plus CD’s to choose from. In today’s Best Buy, there are 3…THREE… Johnny Cash CD’s. And none of them are the one I am looking for. Of course not! That would have been too easy.

I head to the Wal-Mart across the street. To my dismay, it is an eerily similar sight. A very small CD section with roughly 5 Man-in-Black CD’s. Wow! This is something else. I am ready to hand over my money to anyone that will sell me this product. I am starting to sweat a little. Nothing makes me want something so much as not being able to get it…now! I dart to Sam’s Club. They have CD’s…right? Not the one I want! Aaaargggghhhhh! Target? No! I am out of options. I come home in defeat.

I get on Amazon and see that I can order the CD. It is $12.99 and shipping is $4.00. If I want it in 2-3 day, it will be $7.00 shipping. This is the only way? So be it. I have now spent $20 for a CD that I can not listen to until next week. I did however “acquire” the one song I know I want, “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”, by an alternate (read as not really legal) method. But I am OK with that. I tried my best to do it the “right” way. And I did eventually buy the whole thing. So, I will say I took the high road. I better go answer the door. I think I hear the recording Industry lawyers pulling up now…

By tmhale13

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