201 Words Are Not Worth A Picture, But I Will Try…

September 16, 2010

I posted this as my status on Facebook. But, I felt it deserved a place in my blog as well:

I saw a whole new level of “wrong” today. I was driving in pretty heavy traffic on my way home. And at a traffic light, this SUV pulls up next to me. Well, the guy driving was just talkin’ away on his cellphone. Now, that bugs me anyway. With all the Bluetooth cars and headsets, there is no real reason someone needs to be driving and holding a phone.

But that in itself is not the “wrong” I need to discuss. The guy in question HAS NO HANDS! He has two HOOKS! One hook on the wheel…one holding his phone. C’mon!!!! Really!!!! I sooooo wanted to pull out my phone and take a picture. But that would have been far too obvious. Plus, I was afraid he would get ticked off and jump out and start “hooking” my car….or my face!!!

So, sorry that there are not any pictures to accompany this blog post. It just doesn’t seem right to throw in some generic picture. Because nothing I would find on the web could capture what I saw with my own two eyes.  Two eyes that I just got laser corrected and would prefer not be ripped from their sockets!

By tmhale13

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