You Can Keep Your Snow

June 5, 207

Every year I consider moving north. I think about the fun times throwing snowballs, building snowmen and riding an inner-tube down a snowy hill. Then, as the sun warms the water, I come to my senses. Look at the picture above. Who would want to live anywhere else? Our beaches are as white as snow. We can build sandcastles. And we can ride an inner-tube (better yet a boogie board, surf board or raft) on one of those awesome waves seen above. All that is missing are snowdays. And I am too old to get excited about school being canceled. I will gladly skip the need to start my car 15 minutes before I depart simply to thaw the ice off the windshield. You can keep the dread associated with tasks as menial as taking out the garbage in the below zero wind chill. Florida is sweet! It does have it’s drawbacks though. We anxiously await hurricane season each year. It is like a crap shoot to see if we can escape a direct hit (Come on baby! Texas can take one for the team!). Then there is what some call the sweltering heat. The meter may read 90, but that humidity screams 110. And, of course, we do have the snowbirds. Thousands of northerners that don’t have a clue how to drive while determining where to eat dinner at 5:00 p.m. Still, look at that beach! It makes it all worth it in the end. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to hop into my convertible and cruise over to Walmart…some things are the same no matter where you live.

By tmhale13

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