YES! I AM Ready For Some Football!!

September 6, 2006

It is FOOTBALL SEASON! Woo hoo! I love football. I don’t care what anybody says, football is America’s sport. Team USA Basketball seems to be destined for mediocrity. Baseball is plagued by steroids and WAY overpaid players. Hockey and soccer will never be a threat. Football is dominated by born and bred Americans (minus a good number of kickers that defected from soccer) and pulls more TV viewers than every other sport. It is just exciting. You never know when that next monster hit is coming. Or that high-flying circus catch in the back of the end zone. Every single play has the potential to be something great. Field goals get blocked. Punts get returned. Linebackers meet running backs in a test of strength, speed and determination. The great tackle for a loss on the previous play is suddenly forgotten in the 30 yard bone jarring run on the next. This is great drama.

By tmhale13

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