“We Live in a World With Walls…”

August 8, 2006

What a great line! Straight out of A Few Good Men with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. It takes on a whole new meaning when you are actually living within those walls. Walls that are guarded buy “men with guns”. The walls above are the actual walls around my trailer. I am the second window from the right. These walls surround every four trailers (as seen better in the second picture). This is to stop any attempt to fire bullets or rockets into our living areas. I must say I feel pretty safe. Look how thick those concrete blocks are. Plus the fact that I am quite a distance from the “wire” that separates our base from the surrounding towns within Baghdad. Julia just sent me the  A Few Good Men DVD. I need to watch it to hear Jack’s speech in court about the walls. Great scene! I used to know the whole thing by heart. Maybe I will re-memorize it. Then I can pace outside of my trailer shouting it to everyone that passes by. Maybe that will get me a psych eval and they will send me home. Seems easier than wearing women’s clothes in lieu of my uniform (Max Klinger was obviously going about it all wrong all those years). Plus, I don’t think I have the figure to pull off what passes for women’s clothes today.

By tmhale13

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