Trailer Trash

July 22, 2006

Above are pictures of my side of the lovely trailer I now live in. There are four units per trailer, two people per unit. Needless to say, it gets a little cramped. I sleep directly under the window A/C unit. That keeps me nice and chilly. If I turn it down, my room mates side gets a pretty warm. So I just double up on the blankets. I won’t complain since this is a giant step up from the tent that barely had A/C of any kind. I plan on trying to stuff all the luggage under the bed soon. The problem there is this…we sleep on toddler beds! No joke. These beds were made for children. They had to custom build a wedge to place under the center of the frame to keep it from bending and sagging. It is quite a contraption. That also means there isn’t a lot of space under the bed for stowing your gear. Oh well, I didn’t really need that extra room in the corner anyway. Wouldn’t want to get spoiled with all that space.

By tmhale13

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