The Morning Commute

August 3, 2006

I saw these HUMVEES as I was walking home one morning. Actually, I see them just about every morning. Several soldiers are scurrying about putting all their supplies together for the days duties. You would never know that they are about to embark on a very dangerous task. They give the appearance of any normal person preparing for a days work. They pack a lunch, some water or Gatorade and a large caliber weapon…just like everybody else I have ever known. They climb into there heavily armored SUV and speed off to the office speaking into their hands free headsets. Granted, I have never considered placing someone ON TOP of my SUV for the morning commute. Maybe I will look into that when I get back to Florida. “All right kids, hop in the turret and lets go to school!” That is correct! Someone sits in that bucket on top and operates that .50 caliber cannon the entire time they are out. I hope those gunners have a high threshold for road rage. DO NOT cut these guys off in traffic. I have put this weeks weather on the right. I hear that it starts to get hot in August. I suppose I will find out first hand in the next few weeks.

By tmhale13

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