Surfing From the Trailer!

August 12, 2006

Finally! I have internet in my trailer. I can now sit in the A/C and surf, email and chat online. Hopefully I will be able to upload this web page on my own now. That will be a plus. I found a great picture of the palace all lit up at night. I am not sure when the picture was taken, but it is a great shot. I also found a way to use a weather widget on my page. The temp (97) was at 11:00 p.m. It cools off closer to morning, then heats up fast when the sun comes up. I was out in it a little today and it just seems to scald you. More reason to relish in my night shift schedule. I have also added in a countdown widget. This is just an estimate. I don’t know the exact day I leave, but this should be pretty close. And now I am off to continue watching a movie. After all the DVD’s I will watch over here I should be nearly unstoppable at Scene It!

By tmhale13

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