Strangers in the Night

July 18, 2006

So, here I was. Sitting at the chow hall for a midnight meal (at around 1:00 a.m.). On my tray was a grilled cheese that must have been made with two week old bread, french fries that could crack your teeth and something resembling baked beans. When out of the blue come the Denver Bronco’s cheerleaders. What in the… Is this not Baghdad? Is this one of those fabled “desert mirages”? Apparently they had flown in for an appearance to boost morale. They had finished the show and been escorted to our lovely dining facility for a late dinner. Thankfully, most of them chose fruit or cereal. Those are usually the safest bets. Especially when you cannot determine whether that slab of meat(?) is pork, beef or, possibly, fish. Even the salad is suspect on some days. So enjoy a beautiful Baghdad Sunrise as I bid you farewell. Now bring on the Miami Dolphin cheerleaders.

By tmhale13

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