My, What Big Teeth You Have…

September 29, 2006

Just about two weeks ago I was returning from a midnight meal when I reached a spot where I needed to pass between two concrete barricades to get on a walking path. When I was about 30 feet from the opening a jackal walked out and stood right in my way. I made eye contact and then used my flashlight to shoo him away. I then carried on. I had seen a few jackals wandering around, but most were smaller than this one. Back at work I described my encounter to my coworkers. I described his color, ears and size. I stated that he was about knee high or a little more. One of my buddies then argued that jackals do not even get knee high. I continued on determined that I had accurately sized up this creature. We bantered back and forth for several days. He was convinced I was crazy… I was convinced he was just wrong. I had indeed seen a knee high jackal. Low and behold, today I get an email detailing the capture of the above pictured beast. What we have here is an Arabian wolf. Nasty looking sucker isn’t he? Now that I see this picture I realize that my buddy was indeed right. I did not in fact see an enormous jackal. I saw a wolf. Now, had I been a grandmother, a red cloaked child or any one of a trio of pigs I would have surely been doomed. Luckily I was camouflaged and packing a light emitting defensive weapon. I have faced the worlds largest man-eating jackal and lived to tell the tale.  Life tastes much sweeter after that terrible brush with death. Riding Hood signing off!

By tmhale13

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