Here Come The Cats!

October 8, 2007

I am in unfamiliar waters here. It is only October and I am discussing a top 20 UK team making a run at an SEC championship. October! That is football season! UK is a basketball school. Well, this is a UK football team that is making a name for itself. They stumbled this week against South Carolina, but that is forgivable. That was an 8 vs. 11 match up on 11’s turf. It was supposed to be a good game. Andre Woodson, who had been the rock of Gibraltar, made some mistakes. Hell, he should be a cautionary tale for all young QB’s. “Turnovers lose games. Just look at that Andre Woodson from UK. They moved up and down the field against the Gamecocks but lost on three turnovers.” Go ahead coaches. Use that line while addressing your teams. Otherwise, it is a great year for the Wildcats. They have a tough road ahead (LSU, Florida and Tennessee still to go), but should be in bowl contention. So, all you Cat fans out there keep your heads up. They are playing above expectations and could finish with no more that 3 losses. Here’s hoping they make a major bowl, but I will take an Outback Bowl appearance if nothing else. I can always use a trip to Tampa.

By tmhale13

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