Baghdad Birthday

July 24, 2006

I want to go on the record as saying I never thought I would spend a birthday in Baghdad. It never came up around the clubhouse as a child. Tim said he would be an astronaut, Brad proclaimed his desire to fight four-alarm blazes and Paul talked about being a Kung Fu Master. “Oh yeah! Well I am going to spend my 36th birthday in a crummy little trailer in Baghdad!” Take that childhood friends. Who would have believed it anyway. I would most likely have been asked “Where the heck is Baghdad?”. Followed by some crude remark about very possibly growing up to live in a crummy little trailer. Some friends I had! Well either way, Happy Birthday to me. I would tell you my wish, but I am still here. It obviously did not come true. Above is a picture of the lovely Birthday-in-a-Bag that all my girls sent me. Clever lot they are. Maybe they could market that to the tens of thousands of people spending their birthdays here with me. Happy birthdays, anniversaries and so forth for those that I will miss while I am here. I hope your wishes have a better shot than mine did.

By tmhale13

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