And Now a Word From Our Sponsor

August 29, 2006

Well, it has been awfully slow around here for the last two weeks. Not much to write about. Above is a picture of an indigenous species here in Iraq. I call him Ahkmed. He and his clan (what is a group of lizards anyway?) live at the entrance to the palace. They have a good real estate agent apparently. Not sure exactly what type of lizard he is, but I am going with gecko. Sure, why not. Gecko’s are chic right now because of those insurance commercials. Who makes those again? The company slips my mind… Just Kidding! That little british critter is pounded into every corner of my mind. Just like he is in all of yours as well. Right there with the Trix Rabbit, Chester Cheetah and the two dorks pretending to be computers in the Apple commercials (Hi. I’m someone’s idea of cleverness. And I’m a Mac!). That is something that I don’t miss so much. Without TV you have no rapid fire deluge of advertising gimmicks. I predict in the year 2028 we will have water cooler conversations that go something like this:

“Hey, did you see that show about the old ladies living in the Wysteria Lane Retirement Center?”

“Um…was that what was on between those 30 minute beer commercials? I was too numb to pay attention.”

Now commercial and music video directors are making big time movies. They basically play like fifteen 10 minute clips. Really they are just a series of high speed, flashing sequences. And then we all flock to the Pepsiⓡ machine and The Gapⓡ for reasons we just can’t put our finger on. I don’t need any khaki’s. Oh well, I am already here. Maybe I should swing by Starbucks while I am wandering aimlessly…

By tmhale13

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